ABC Pathways Surfboard


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There are muscles in our eyes that focus near and far, and muscles that allow us to track left to right, and up & down. Eye tracking exercises strengthen the muscles in our eyes to increase the length of time that the eyes can focus on reading. 


For Classroom Use:

To start, students will work only on balance by moving the marble through the figure 8 and waves on the board. As basic movements are mastered, progressions can be added to introduce academic content. Student's can work on teacher provided content with a partner, using flash cards, or from the smart board. 

Rotational movement of the trunk.
Lateral push and pull off legs while balancing.
Slight knee bends and engaged core.


Balance, Eye Tracking / Visual Reaction, Peripheral Awareness / Body in Space 

 Download Progressions & Activity Sheet 


Mini Surfboard in ABL Lab from Action Based Learning on Vimeo.


ABC Pathways Surfboard
ABC Pathways Surfboard
ABC Pathways Surfboard
ABC Pathways Surfboard

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