Upper Body Mat - Action Based Learning
Upper Body Mat - Action Based Learning

Upper Body Mat


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Upper Body Mat for Classroom, Lab or PE

A quick and efficient way for classrooms to work on all 12 Foundations of Learning Readiness, by practicing activities to enhance both cognitive and physical skills, and make learning fun.

Choose from 120+ Academic Card Sets to integrate with the Mat or create your own! MAT COMES STANDARD WITH 10 ACADEMIC CARD SETS.

Why is purposeful movement important?

Neuroscience shows the relationship between the brain and body plays a critical
role in the child's overall development and ability to learn. Research shows,
practicing specific movements, can strengthen these connections and improve
reading, writing, memory tasks, & allow children to absorb & retain information
more efficiently.

How do we practice purposeful movement?

There are 12 critical areas necessary for a child to develop in order to achieve their full
academic potential. These are called the 12 Foundations of Learning Readiness:

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