Periodic Table of Elements Mat


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Teach Chemistry Kinesthetically! Periodic Table of Elements Mat allows learners to memorize the periodic table and grasp new information much more efficiently by using visual/kinesthetic/and auditory reinforcement combined.The periodic table mat allows the learner to explore the basics of chemistry through movement, in a new and different way of identifying the elements. 


-Learn how the Periodic Table organizes Elements, Chemical Names, Chemical Symbols, Atomic Numbers, Electrons, Families of Elements, Properties of Matter, Comparing Reactivity and Stability, History of the Periodic Table, and more

Dimensions: 4ftx8ft

898 Jumbo Periodic Table of Elements Mat

60x96in G-Floor Mat - Can be used indoor, outdoor. 

Portable/but heavy duty enough to withstand frequent use.  Great for labs and/or classroom
-Options are unlimited, and can be used across a large range of age groups to combine current curriculum with active learning. This mat is ideal for elementary up to high school age groups.
Can be used in the classroom or in an action based learning lab. Great for sharing in common spaces throughout the school. Periodic Table mat is used to anchor learning, great for review before a test, or to introduce and build on new concepts! 
-Kinesthetic learning for individual students and group work makes any subject more fun for students, and brings out the creative side of science! The design and function of the mat is to provide the student a better advantage to absorbing new information.
Periodic Table of Elements Mat
Periodic Table of Elements Mat
Periodic Table of Elements Mat
Periodic Table of Elements Mat

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