Classrooms on the Move Instructional Guide - Active Classrooms


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Classrooms on the Move

A detailed instructional guide for implementing alternative furniture into learning environments for students of all ages and abilities.  

Who is it for?

For programs that are just getting started to ones that are ready to progress to the next level. whether you are interested in creating an active classroom with minimal equipment, or you've just started a fully kinesthetic learning environment, this is a must have guide providing direction for all levels!

In this guide you will find:

  • Science and Research to support active classrooms
  • Classroom Set-Up and design (HOW TO: with and without equipment!)
  • Classroom Management and best practices 
  • Activities to integrate Academics (HOW TO with and without equipment!)
  • Activities to prime the brain for learning

We discuss 3 types of activities throughout this guide:

  • KF Primers – These developmental movements occur “on” the Kinesthetic Furniture (ABL).
  • Conjunction Primers – These developmental movements occur “with” or in conjunction with the furniture.
  • Exclusive Primers – These developmental movements occur “without” the furniture 

Kinesthetic Furniture and flexible seating are leading the way to a new age of learning to optimize student performance. This book introduces the concept of “Teaching with Pride” while utilizing Kinesthetic Furniture to: build community connections, refocus and develop the brain/body, increase academic achievement and enhance student’s physical well-being.  Traci Lengel, best-selling author, and Jenna Evans, classroom educational specialist, team up to combine over forty years of experience to deliver this comprehensive resource -  a must-have for those who are ready to redesign the modern-day classroom while taking learning to the next level!

By: Traci Lengel & Jenna Evans

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