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Built tough for heavy usage in commercial settings (ideal for schools, youth centers, YMCA's, children's hospitals, children's museums, and pediatric facilities.) Ships pre-assembled, direct from manufacturer, & includes mfg direct extended warranty. Made in the USA brand, proud to manufacture the #1 most durable youth fitness equipment on the market. Designed with easy adjustability for tension and speed control- the shock can be mounted in one of two positions based on the user size and physical capability. Kid-friendly computer reads time, calories, speed & step count. Grips are designed with the child in mind, to withstand the expected wear and tear of everyday use. The grips and footplates are sized appropriately to accommodate varying sizes of the target user based on equipment size chosen. Adjustable shock settings for various physical capabilities. Resistance settings are designed to provide appropriate physical exertion levels for each target age group. All ABL Youth Fitness equipment is manufactured with a standard 250 lb weight limit, regardless of size/model purchased.


Super Small Stepper [Grades K-2nd]: Not Available, see FAQ below

670 Elementary Stepper [Grades 3rd-5th]: (42" x 30 x 54") Product Weight: 59 lbs 

671 Junior Stepper [Grades 6-8] :  (42" x 30 x 55") Product Weight: 64 lbs

772 Varsity [High School/Adult]:  (42" x 30 x 56") Product Weight: 68 lbs 



Can early elementary age use the stepper? The stepper is not designed for use by early elementary age students and is not available in the super small version. The motion is appropriate for the physical capacity of a child beginning at age 9 for use on the Elementary version. Early Elementary children often do not have the weight to properly perform the stepper movement.

Can't decide on which model to order? *Please note, we highly recommend sticking with the suggested age groups above, when choosing the appropriate equipment size. ABL manufacturing & design team has worked extensively with youth fitness experts (and with children!) to account for varying student sizes in determining equipment sizing and suggested age groups. For questions, recommendations, or an introduction to best practices, set up a call with one of our youth fitness experts. Contact us


Request a training for your staff online, or in person at your facility. ABL Youth Fitness Experts set your staff up to become leading experts in the youth fitness industry, in a train-the-trainer hands-on approach to learning!


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Cardio Kids Stepper - actionbasedlearning
Cardio Kids Stepper - actionbasedlearning
Cardio Kids Stepper - actionbasedlearning

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