ABL Lab Facilitator Certification

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We recommend that each school that utilizes an ABL lab, you designate at least 1 ABL lab facilitator.  This should be an individual that has shown strong interest and affinity to implementation of Action Based Learning.  The job of the Lab Facilitator is to provide structure to the ABL program in the areas of scheduling, set-up, room layout, student progressions, and on-going care of the labs.  As part of your training package, we will provide up to 2 full days of on-site training for your designated lab facilitators.  While this training is specifically designed for individuals assigned to running the labs-teachers and administrators are welcome to attend.  (Up to 20 persons maximum)


Training includes:

Room design & layout

Daily set-up

Student assessment

Proper equipment usage

Equipment relevant to each foundation

Classroom relevance to each station

Lab procedures



The layering of academic content

Classroom variation



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