ABC Single Standing Desk - Action Based Learning
ABC Single Standing Desk - Action Based Learning

ABC Single Standing Desk


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ABC Single Standing Desk is designed to promote learning engagement in the classroom. Its adjustable height and sturdy design offer students a healthy, active learning environment. Perfectly suitable for any classroom setting, its adjustable height and and foot fidget under desk bar make it a must have desk for elementary, middle, and high school students!

ABC Single Standing Desk - Height Adjusts for sit or stand!

Includes Book Box & Foot Swing Bar

With the ABC desk, students have a new desire to learn. Designed to fit various grade levels, the ABC Desk easily adjusts from 22” to 30" height to allow students the choice to stand or sit while in the classroom. With the footrest bar, students have a new way to sway. The footrest allows students to swing their feet providing extra movement to burn off excess energy. Standing Desks are shown to improve posture, increase attention, and improve classroom engagement. 

The steel book box stores books and supplies and optional lower shelf provides additional storage space.

KC-87 Single Standing Desk Product Guide 

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