Movement & Technology [Workshop]

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The Movement-Technology Balance (MT) Introduction:

This practical training focuses on strategies to balance movement and technology usage in the classroom and redefine teaching-learning methodologies in all academic environments. We provide detailed teacher/student practices and balancing illustrations that include the following:

· Movement as a “must” in the teaching and learning process

· Brain-based research on movement and student achievement

· “The ABC's of Daily Movement for A.L.L.” and “The ABCD's of Technology for A.L.L.”

· Bridging the gap with S.T.R.I.D.E.S.

· Practical activities and applications for enhancing students' learning state

· Uniting academics, movement, and technology to increase student success, retention, and content rigor

· Maximizing learning motivation through student engagement and fun

· The MT balance as a means for improving social, physical, mental/emotional, and cognitive growth

· Movement's influence on mindfulness, trauma, and cognitive functioning We encourage scheduling as many days as your availability and budget will allow.

Opportunity for direct, content specific MT lessons that will help build individual comfort levels and expand thinking specific to your learning environments. The Comprehensive Plan provides a step-by-step, all inclusive best practice model on how to become an MT balanced school.

Movement & Technology [Workshop]
Movement & Technology [Workshop]
Movement & Technology [Workshop]
Movement & Technology [Workshop]
Movement & Technology [Workshop]
Movement & Technology [Workshop]

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