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least last lost.... first foremost found

We are on a mission to change the future for all children, by increasing their health, wellness, and education through movement!  Our "3L" vision is to reach the Least, Last, and Lost children.  The children least likely to succeed in the classroom, the children last in line, and the children lost in the system, and turn them unto First, Foremost, and Found students. Our companywide goal is to reach the lives of 25 million children by 2025!  How do we measure this?  The "1 teacher = 300 students" formula.  If we can reacher 1 teacher and he/she can reach 300 students through ABL, we believe we can fulfill the ABL mission. 






Our Belief




Transforming Education

Founded in 1996 by Jean Moize as a consulting company to promote the connection between the brain and purposeful movement. Jean traveled throughout the country with what was then a radical message. Eventually she became a nationally recognized expert and was in high demand by principals and school systems whose audiences loved her hands on, high activity, and down home warm presentations

Transforming Youth Fitness


Kidsfit began in a warehouse in 1999, with one man and a dream to change the world. He began by manufacturing and installing climbing walls in youth facilities and Kidsfit quickly become the leading developer and manufacturer of youth equipment in the United States and only full line manufacturer of multiple sizes of youth fitness equipment in the world.  Kidsfit expanded through a worldwide network of distributors and full line catalog dealers. In 2005, custom obstacle courses and active play areas.

The Turning Point

Slow gradual growth until 2009 when the great recession devastated the business - sales fell by 66%. In the years that followed, the company was forced to hone its product line and look for opportunities to serve children in other markets. This is when the first Kinesthetic Classroom products were prototyped and then later tested in their first school. In 2010, current Master Trainer Dave Spurlock introduced Ed to Jean Moize. This immediately sparked the start of a partnership with a shared mission - the driving force. Kidsfit began the manufacture of 2-3 of the existing ABL products (Ladder/Cards/etc). As they worked together, the company expanded to include other specialized ABL pieces. Kidsfit began sponsoring these National Trainings.

The Movement Begins

In 2000 Jean walked in to Cindy Hess’ PE classroom and exclaimed “Cindy is the other half of my brain” when she saw the movement lab Cindy had created. They immediately started a partnership and developed a lab manual which Jean used to layer academics on top of all the purposeful movement. Schools throughout the country purchased the lab and paid Jean to consult with their teachers. 2012 was the first 3 day training seminar which was held in Charleston SC and offered a 4th day for anyone interested in becoming certified as a master ABL Trainer. More than 30 different teachers signed up for the program and what was once a 1 person consulting company became a Training Company. ABL quickly began training educators across the world and began a partnership in Australia under a separate trade name.

Joining Forces

In 2015, Jean and Ed agreed that rolling the training company into Kidsfit would keep their shared mission growing and expanding. In 2016 ABL merged with Kidsfit who took over all the administrative and marketing functions for the ABL trainings. National recognition of Action Based Learning expanded as did the National trainings. In 2017 it became apparent that the name Action Based Learning better described who we are and what we do and it was agreed to change the name but keep Kidsfit and Kinesthetic Classroom as brand names.


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