ABL District Trainer Certification

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ABL CERTIFIED DISTRICT TRAINERS work throughout their school district to teach and implement the science and benefits of Action Based Learning.
Certification at this level entitles ABL-DT to ongoing access of existing ABL content as well as input in the development of new ABL initiatives.  As an integral part of the recognized international ABL community, ABL-DT will meet regularly, to present and strategize with other district leaders on ABL best practices.


All access passes to the ABL Online Academy: ABL Neuroscience Course

All access passes to the ABL Online Academy: Certified District Trainer Course

Attendance at on-site TOT (trainer of trainers) - Offered as a pre-conference event by existing master trainers

Requirements to obtain an ABL Certified District Trainer Certification:
-Active school trainer for a minimum of 1 year
-Successful implementation of ABL in the classroom at multiple grade levels.
-Assisted and presented of a minimum of 1 official ABL training in the last 2 years
-Provide at least 3 district-wide ABL presentations per year
-Developed a new ABL specialty area or added value to an existing specialty area.
ex. (3L, ABL in Physical Education, Math, Science, ELA, etc.)
-Implemented 5-10 activities or lessons that support chosen ABL specialty
-Data collection of ABL implementation
-Attend an official ABL 3L workshop
-Successful completion of ABL Online Academy Brain Science Course
-Successful completion of ABL Online Academy Certified District Trainer Course
-Attend on-site (TOT) trainer of trainers ) offered as a pre-conference by existing master trainers
-At least 1 school or campus within district has successfully completed ABL school certification