ABL School Trainer Certification Program

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Designate (2) individuals from each school to become ABL school trainers


As a certified school trainer, you become authorized to provide leadership, training, and support for ABL throughout your school.  Benefits of this certification, it will save your school and district thousands of dollars in training fees and travel expenses.  As a certified school trainer, you begin the process of earning an ABL school certification.  As an ABL school certified instructor you now become eligible for an ABL district trainer certification.


**Each participant will be provided with all the necessary trainings and training materials to allow them to begin the required coursework to become an ABL certified trainer.  This module includes:


Attendance at any one ABL Specialty Course: (3L, ABL in Physical education,

ABL Math, ABL for Science, ELA ABL, etc)


Attendance at the Introduction to training for ABL (Train the trainer model)


ABL Online Course (12 Foundations of Learning Readiness)


**Requirements to obtain official ABL School Trainer Certification


School trainers are required to have a minimum of 3 years of classroom experience.  They must have at least 1-year experience having implemented or mentored a group of teachers utilizing “ABL in the Classroom”.  Must have worked with students for at least 1 semester in an official ABL lab and demonstrated the use of the lab manual (1 of 3) and the corresponding equipment effectively.  Successful implementation of:


12 Foundations of Learning Readiness


Completion of 1 of the 4 available introductory specialty ABL courses


Completion of the “Introduction to the training for ABL” course program


Assist at an official ABL Workshop or Summit event once every 2 years


Provide at least 4 ABL staff or school presentations per year