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Least, Last, Lost (3L) Workshop


We’ve made it our personal mission to impact the children who need
us the most, and we are doing this through Action Based Learning! 3L is our mission to impact the lives of the students thought of as Least likely to succeed, Last in line at recess, & Lost in the system. We believe in

Least Last Lost --> First, Foremost, Found


The 3L training is for all K-12 educators to stand with us in our mission
and learn strategies and teaching methods to make an impact on
students - specifically the 3L students. If you are an educator
working with disadvantaged students, this training is a MUST!!

How do I know if this training is for me?

Do you have students who...have difficulty sitting still? Do you have students who
exhibit off task behaviors? Does your school need to raise test scores? Are you
looking for opportunities to increase learning and decrease off task behavior?
If so, you don’t want to miss this!

Are you looking to Increase Learning & Improve Classroom Culture?

This is not a program, but a paradigm shift in thinking and teaching. 3L training is
designed to assist and support you as an educator to develop a better
understanding of your students, particularly those that leave you with your hands
in the air saying, “I have tried everything! What now?!”. Understanding the
complexities of poverty and the behaviors that are often associated with it, enable you to identify the issue and use appropriate strategies to reduce most common misbehaviors. You will leave this training with a positive and proactive approach to improving your classroom climate!


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3L Workshop
3L Workshop
3L Workshop
3L Workshop
3L Workshop
3L Workshop
3L Workshop