Adjustable Wobble Chairs [ALL AGES] - Action Based Learning
Adjustable Wobble Chairs [ALL AGES] - Action Based Learning

Adjustable Wobble Chairs [ALL AGES]


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Adjustable Wobble Chairs

These adjustable wobble chairs are the perfect addition to the classroom, library or student desk.  Ideal for children with ADD or ADHD.  Provides an outlet for restlessness and creates a secondary focus. Collaborative learning stool can be used in all classrooms and daycares!

  • Height Adjustable between 14-18inches
  • User Weight Limit 250lb
  • Commercial Grade Adjustable Height Student Mobile Active Learning Stool
  • Includes Built in Handles for portability
  • Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment for Smooth Quiet Adjustments that can be performed by student or teacher!
  • 360° Swivel and 10 Degree Tilt Engages Core Muscles, Promotes Good Posture, Aids Concentration
  • Rubberized Seat and Non-Slip Bottom for Safety 
  • Includes Pre-Assembly

Wobble Chairs Easily Adjust to fit Various Grade Levels

Flexible seating has been shown to provide numerous benefits for students in the classroom, including improved focus, increased motivation, and enhanced learning. Wobble stools allow students to move and wiggle while they work. Research shows this can help to release excess energy and act as a calming tool for highly active and fidgety students. Whether used in combination with other flexible seating options or on their own, wobble stools can be a great way to improve the learning environment in any classroom, while also promoting posture and improving core strength!