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KC-6 Scooter Stool

The scooter stool is a fun way to incorporate alternative seating in the classroom! It can be used underneath a traditional desk, under a standing desk, or by itself for reading! It allows the student comfort and freedom of movement within their desk area! The portability of the scooter allows teachers to rearrange their classroom with ease and even more to different classrooms with no problems.

W 17" X D 15" x H 20-25"
Commercial Grade Designed for High Frequency Use in Classroom Settings
5 1/2" height range adjustment
Pneumatic seat height adjustment allows for quick and easy adjustment students can do themselves!
Product weight: 12lbs
NEW Color options available
Colors Available:
Scooter Stool - actionbasedlearning
Scooter Stool - actionbasedlearning
Scooter Stool - actionbasedlearning