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Hena Nafis is eastern India’s most prominent nutritionist and the founder of Nutrience, a nutrition and lifestyle clinic.Over the years, she was associated with reputed clinics like Apollo Clinic and AMRI, across Kolkata. She is also a respected columnist and nutritionist for t2 (The Telegraph). She graduated with a degree in Food and Nutrition from the Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool (UK), followed by an M.Sc. in Food Science and Technology from Victoria University, Melbourne (Australia). Nutrience, her clinic, provides nutrition-centric consultancy to patients of all ages suffering from lifestyle-induced disorders. Nafis has conducted lectures and workshops with notable corporates like FICCI, Pepsi, Futuresoft and Wipro, among others.


According to a recent report submitted by a widespread daily, childhood obesity has shot up in India and reached alarming proportions around 22% prevalence rate over the last 5 years in children and adolescents aged between 5 -19 years. The obesity problem among children is alarming, and it will grow more if not taken care of.  Nutrience – a Kid’s Fitness Studio ( NKFS ) is addressing this issue head on and focusing on the whole child approach. The first branch was opened at Salt Lake while for the kids of South Calcutta, a latest branch of NKFS has been opened at New Alipore.

Why NKFS ?

 NKFS not only provides proper healthcare guidance to the children, but also educates the parents about the alarming conditions of the obese problem in children. The goal is to provide fitness equipment dedicated towards younger and less-mature exercisers.

 NKFS provides proper diet charts fulfilling all nutritional needs of the child, along with a fitness regimen to achieve an active healthy lifestyle peppered with fun.

 NKFS promotes healthy birthday parties, where you can relax having tasty food and you really don’t need to count calories any more.

• Also, they have specialized Zumba classes for the children and they teach Krav Maga, a self defense process and technique that would the help our little ones to resist any sorts of harassment and physical abuse.

Vidhi and Iqbal Saini, the franchise owner and mentor duo at NKFS consider that it’s not just a fitness studio, it’s an action based learning center.  At the Nutrience Kids’ Fitness Studio, a complete, well-rounded solution to your child’s fitness needs is offered. NKFS provides an opportunity where children come, learn and are also involved in physical activity. Efficient and friendly trainers are chosen to provide proper guidance to the kids. So, if you want your children to be healthy and fit, without listening to their complaints of playing games by staying at home, then NKFS is the best place you’ve got for your children.

New Alipore, Kolkata 

All of the facilities featured are custom and designed to fit the needs of the target youth. We offer full services from design, 3D CAD renderings, customization, and full turnkey install. Extended warranty and full service are included by ordering direct through the manufacturer. Pricing depends on the size of the space, and the amount of detail required and can be customized to fit a wide range of budgets. Action Based Learning has outfitted YMCA's, Youth Facilities, Pediatric Rehab, Daycares, Wellness Centers, Military Bases, and Children's Museums worldwide.