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What type of facilities buy from you?

  • Physical Therapy/OT Facilities / Children's Hospitals
  • PreK-12 School Districts and Universities
  • Private and Charter Schools
  • Military Bases
  • YMCA's 
  • Preschools/Daycares/After school care
  • Youth Fitness Training Facilities
  • Special Needs Facilities
  • Health Clubs
  • Wellness Centers
  • Boys & Girls Clubs


Kinesthetic Classroom FAQ

This is not a replacement for PE/Recess!

PE has its own specific purpose to enhance health and wellness through high-intensity workouts and physical activity. KC desks are not a high-intensity workout, and their purpose is not to increase physical health, this is just an added benefit! Kinesthetic desks are used as a learning tool. They help students retain and absorb information better in the classroom, through Low-Intensity Steady State movement, and the release of BDNF.  Recess is also a vital part of development as it encourages free-play, and offers a "brain break" - all necessities for development. 
Are the kinesthetic desks distracting?
The desks are designed with the students AND teacher in mind. Kinesthetic Desks are completely silent and have proven the exact opposite of distracting! Studies show desks enhance student attention span, engagement, and improved behavior in the classroom. 


How do I justify the investment? 
We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on "new programs" and new educational tools and most educators will tell you they were "unsuccessful". Why do these fail?  If the brain is not ready to learn, no program will work. The first thing research tells us is the importance of movement as it relates to learning. The best investment you can make is improving your brain's capacity to learn- and we finally know the answer- movement!
Why don't you carry the under desk pedals? 
Although a great attempt to incorporate movement, the comparable product has had a few problems arise.  They slide too easily under the desk and the students have a hard time keeping a steady pedal- It ends up being choppy, and more of a distraction (trying keeping the pedal in place), than a benefit. We know the obvious benefit is the cost, but unfortunately, they phase out within the first year of use due to lack of durability. The second issue is that the angle is not ergonomically correct, meaning the student's posture is improper when trying to perform the "under the desk" movements. Above all, we share the same goal to create the most optimal learning environment for students, and our trainers stand firm in only promoting products that they feel are going to be an added benefit to the student. 

Custom Challenge Courses

All featured obstacle courses are custom and designed to fit a wide range of budgets. We offer full services from design, 3D CAD renderings, customization, and full turnkey install for commercial facilities. Pricing is based on sq footage, and the amount of detail and customization desired. Please submit your request on the form above, and we will be in touch to help you get started!

Can your equipment be used outdoors?

No, our equipment is designed and manufactured strictly for indoor commercial facilities. We are currently in the brainstorming/development stage in creating new products that will be able to be utilized outdoors, as part of our ABL in the Playground line.

Fitness Equipment 101

Variety is Key
Children need variety, and their body needs variety as well. It is important to keep the children constantly entertained, and moving from equipment to different stations. At the same time, it provides a well-rounded workout for total body wellness.
Children do not work out for the same reasons adults do.
Children do things that are FUN. The main goal needs to be to create a fun environment where children get excited to go. In the long run, this results in the student realizing that exercise is fun.... and not a "chore". 
We recommend certain pieces for children who are not as coordinated and are new to exercise. 
We want all children to succeed, so we make sure to include equipment that teaches this: ALL children are meant to move, not just the athletic ones. This has become an unfortunate belief among the youth population.
Action Based Learning is the only manufacturer in the world that produces 4 different sizes of youth equipment. We highly recommend following our sizing guide, based on grade and age group. We consider this of paramount importance as it relates to ergonomics and proper use of equipment. 

Professional Development

We highly recommend training for anyone looking to implement movement into their classroom. We believe this is the most important thing you can do to impact your students. It prepares your staff. They leave the training confident and ready to run their active classrooms smoothly.  They will be given loads of information and even teachers without the desks will know how to transform their classroom into active learning rooms (with no $ required!). Bring one of our master trainers to your school, or sign up to attend one of our National Summits!  Upcoming ABL Events

What are your options for Professional Development?

Host an on-site training for your whole staff (1-day flat rate fee) ABL Master Trainers come to you! Trainers go in depth on the concept of Action Based Learning and kinesthetic movement in the classroom.  The training can be customized to fit your needs (with our without our equipment- learn immediate strategies and techniques to implement movement today! - Includes the brain-based science behind learning and moving. If you do have labs/equipment, trainers will go over in detail how to use and implement the existing curriculum with your new classroom!)
Credit Hours: 4-8hrs | On-Site Event Information


Attend a 3-day National Summit. 
Our Summits bring attendees from all over the country to become experts in Action Based Learning and kinesthetic classroom concepts. Workshops include intensive training by our Master Trainers who have dedicated their lives to the science behind movement and learning.  Attending any ABL event provides educators with the knowledge and tools necessary to bring the concept back to your community and educate others on how to implement a complete program. Credit Hours: 24 hrs
Attend a 2-day workshop
A 2-day "hands-on" workshop, begins with the development of the brain and body to enhance academic performances.  An in-depth review of brain functions and performance are discussed.  Attendees practice and learn the concepts for brain-compatible movements and their benefits.  Refocusing and energizing the brain are critical components for increasing academic achievement.  Credit Hours: 16
Attend a 1-day collaborative
Our 1-day collaboratives focus on either ABL, the 3L Student, or Kinesthetic Classroom.  This is a much smaller group and allows for the opportunity to really collaborate with each other and our master trainers.
Register for an online course at ABL Academy
Various courses will be offered in an online learning environment.  This will allow you to become ABL Certified at your own pace!  Course enrollment will begin in FALL 2019.  Please send email to for more information.



For the manufacturer's complete price list, please send email to and the complete price list will be sent to your email.  If you already know which products you are interested in, please list them in the email and we will get back to you with an official quote, including shipping and any current promotions. 

What about discounts?

New discounts and promotions are offered monthly and can include school discounts, new facility discounts, military, YMCA discounts, and package pricing. Be sure to ask for an official quote and we will apply the current promotion to your order. Promotions include free products, scholarships to attend our training events, and classroom accessories!

Benefits of ordering direct

Please note Action Based Learning is a sole source provider. By ordering directly through the manufacturer, the following is included:

Extended Warranty Program - covers any service, repairs, or replacement units. 

Pre-Assembly - Equipment is ready to use right out the box. Safety Standard Guarantee. 

Discounts - Lowest Cost Guarantee. Ships direct from the manufacturer.

Free Product Upgrades- If the manufacturer updates a model, yours is updated and replaced at no cost! 

Made in the USA and built to withstand high-frequency use in commercial settings. The quality and durability of equipment far exceed market standards.

I love your products, but I have no budget!

We understand schools have limited budgets. Because of this, we've assembled a Grants and Funding Team to do the research for you! Our experts have uncovered the secret world of funding that most of us didn't even know existed! We currently have a 7 out of 10 success rate with teachers who have applied for and received funding to transform their classroom. Welcome to the wonderful world of grants!   Reach out to us at and we will work with you through the process of finding and writing a grant proposal until your project is fully funded! 


Ordering and Payments

There are 3 ways to place an order:

1. Purchase Orders - send to

2. Credit Card- pre-payment 843-879-2201 ext 3

3. Check - make checks payable and mail to:             

Action Based Learning  | 315 Industrial Road  | Summerville, SC 29483

4. Wire Transfer - Required for all international orders.


Most orders ship via common carrier. Freight costs will be calculated and included on your official quote, as well as current lead times. Lead times vary between 1 to 2 weeks, dependent on the size of the order. The estimated ship date will be provided at the time the order is placed. 

New Vendor Setup

For customers who have not ordered through us previously, and would like to register Action Based Learning as a new vendor, please contact directly for necessary forms. This process can take up to 24 hours.

International Customers

Yes, we ship internationally! Typically, we recommend our international customers use their own freight broker to cut down on costs. However, if you prefer we handle the shipping, we are happy to provide a quote. Please include the full ship to address in the form above.  All orders ship pre-assembled and ready to use upon arrival. International orders require pre-payment.

Submit a Service Request

To submit a service request, please email the following information to
1. Date of Purchase or PO# or Invoice# 
2. A detailed description of the issue (including a picture of the unit)
3. Complete shipping address

Upon receipt, a service team member will be in touch within 24 hours to diagnose and provide a solution. SERVICE FORM

Privacy Policy

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