To Our Applicants, 

This year was very tough as we read your stories, and continued to reflect on the impact of COVID, particularly on our 3L children. There is nothing more we would rather do than help every child that you are fighting for, and we are more dedicated to this mission than ever. Our dream is to be able to do this for each and every one of you, and will continue to work towards our goal of impacting 25 MILLION by 2025. To each one of your who submitted proposals this year, we were truly inspired by the level of passion and hard work you put into this project for your kids and we will be announcing runner up prizes Wednesday November 11th!! The announcement will be made here on our website 2pm Wednesday.  We are so thankful to have the opportunity to work with heroes like YOU, who change children's lives everyday. 


  2020 AWARDEE

Cookson Hills Children's Home - Seffner, Florida - ABL LAB

Cookson Hills Children's Home with Family Ministries of Florida provides a safe place for children, many who have spent their lives lost in the foster care system, been separated from their parents and siblings, and desperately need the support and love that all children deserve. 





Rebecca Presley
Lakewood Elementary, FL 
(6) Boomerboards ($1200)
Susan Perry
 Knowlton Township Elementary, NJ 
(2) Boomerboards, (1) Sensory Nature Path ($600)
Rodney Bowers
Wilson Middle School, VA
(3) Boomerboards ($600)
Natalie Phillips
St. Jerome Catholic, TX
 1 Scholarship for ABL Academy Course, (2) Boomerboards ($600)
Jennifer Colon 
Mountain Rd. Elementary, GA ($600)
(1) Sensory Hallway Set (2) Boomerboards 
Michele Jackson 
Sharp Creek Elementary, GA ($600)
(1) Sensory Hallway Set + (2) Boomerboards
Congratulations! Thank you to all 2020 awardees for joining our mission. We are so excited for you and your students and we hope these awards are the small change that makes a huge difference for every one of your kids. Thank you for staying connected with the ABL family, let's keep working together to change kids lives through movement! If you were awarded runner up prizes, you will be receiving an email with further instructions on receiving your new ABL equipment! We encourage you to follow our ABL community on Twitter @Kidsfit_ABL and post your student's with their new equipment! 

 - Action Based Learning 





Apply for 2021 Grant





Each year, the ABL Game Changer Grant awards up to $10,000 to schools in need!! The Game Changer Grant was created in order for us to fulfill our mission of changing the future for all children, More specifically, we look to serve the 3L child. 

The Last child in line at recess

The child Lost in the school system

The child Least likely to succeed

Serve the Last, Least, Lost. Believe in the First, Foremost, Found.

These funds are a chance for educators to join our mission and reach the children who need us the most. Thanks to research, we have found a way to increase children’s health, wellness, and education... through movement! If you are a supporter of our mission, and are interested in implementing Action Based Learning, Kinesthetic Classrooms, or Teacher Training at your school,  this is the grant for you!



  •  Must be employed by an accredited preK-12 school, university, or nonprofit/outreach center located in the United States and Canada only. 

  •  Must have signed letter of approval from school superintendent, principal or applicant's immediate supervisor supporting your project. 

  • We are looking for applicants who focus on our "3L" Mission of serving the least, the last and the lost students in areas where there is a high need to serve our students.


    • Download Grant Outline
    • Please read the requirements in detail prior to beginning the grant process, including the FAQ at the bottom of this page
    • Submit Proposal







What if I have multiple files, or my file is too large? Can I email my proposal?

All proposals must be submitted here, and may not be emailed. Please note, this form allows for multiple files to be uploaded here. In addition, the form allows for a url address to be entered, for any files that may be too large, such as video submissions.

Can I submit my grant proposal early?

Yes! Absolutely. If you have completed your proposal in advance of the deadline, feel free to go ahead and submit now. 

How is the 2020 grant different from the last year (2019)?

The grant proposal is largely the same as previous years. Please note 2 important changes: 

1. The video portion of the grant proposal is now optional. Applicants have the option of submitting video OR sample lesson plans/activity guides. Details are included in grant outline. 

2. Method of Submission: proposals must be submitted via the online form.

Is this available to international customers?   

USA and Canada Only

Which age groups qualify?     

PreK- 12th, University (private, public, and charter may apply)

How do I obtain pricing for my wishlist?    

All products and training listed on are eligible to be written into grant. Each product has an option to "add to wishlist". We recommend adding all of the items you are including in your proposal to your wishlist, and submitting your completed wishlist with your grant proposal. For an itemized pricelist, the excel  Pricing List Can be downloaded here.

Will you send the check to my school to turn into a purchase order? No, there is no exchange of funds. The amount awarded is automatically credited to your order, and the items you listed on your budget will be shipped to your school free of charge.

How many schools are awarded funding?  The number of schools varies based on submissions each year. Winners may receive full or partial funding of their wishlist. 

If I applied in the past, can I reapply this year?

 For those who applied last year, and did not receive funding, you may reapply for the 2020 Grant.

Where will the winners be announced?

ALL updates regarding the Game Changer Grant will be posted here on this page. Feel free to bookmark to your browser to check back for announcements & grant winners.