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Elementary Carts are portable and assist in creating a school wide environment of Action Based Learning!

ABL offers two types of Carts:

Standard Elementary Cart:  Recommended for those who are already operating an existing ABL Lab within their school. Looking to bring Action Based Learning beyond the lab? The standard cart is a direct extension of the work the students are doing inside the ABL Lab! The equipment is versatile to accommodate many grade levels, and allow students of varying capabilities to practice the 12 Foundations of Learning Readiness.  VIEW CONTENTS 

Grade Specific Cart:  Recommended for those with or without an ABL Lab. A budget friendly and efficient way to implement Action Based Learning Strategies at each grade level. Portability means only 1 cart necessary per grade level!  Encourages teacher collaboration. These carts include ABL equipment and support materials geared specifically for each grade level. Support materials include Academic Charts, Cue Cards, Activity Guides, Academic Mats, and ABL accessories and equipment that can be quickly pulled off the cart and used in the hallways, classroom & common areas for quick purposeful movement activities that prepare the brain to learn throughout the day! 

Why are purposeful movement activities important?

Neuroscience shows the relationship between the brain and body plays a critical role in the child's overall development and ability to learn. Research shows, practicing specific movements, can strengthen these connections and improve reading, writing, memory tasks, & allow children to absorb & retain information more efficiently.

What types of purpose movement activities are critical to learning?

There are 12 critical areas necessary for a child to develop in order to achieve their full academic potential. These are called the 12 Foundations of Learning Readiness:

1- Crossing the Midline - Cross Lateralization

2- Body in Space - Vestibular/Proprioception
3- Balance - Spatial Orientation
4- Visual Development - Encoding Symbols
5- Rhythm - Beat Awareness and Beat Competency
6- Tactile Learning- Sensory Motor and Fine Motor Skills
7- Motor Skills - Locomotor and Nonlocomotor Skills
8- Eye/Hand Eye/Foot Coordination - Manipulative Skills
9- Physical Fitness- Strength and Flexibility
10- Cardiovascular Fitness- Aerobic 
11- Problem Solving: Embodied Cognition
12- Self Management: Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

All carts Include: 

ABL Academic Mats, Student Cue Cards, ABL Manual, Activity Guides, & Activity stations to support all 12 Foundations of Learning Readiness. 

Intro phone consultation w/ ABL Master Trainer: FREE

[Optional Add On: 1 hr phone consultation w/ ABL Master Trainer]

ABL Classroom Cart - Elementary - actionbasedlearning
ABL Classroom Cart - Elementary - actionbasedlearning
ABL Classroom Cart - Elementary - actionbasedlearning
ABL Classroom Cart - Elementary - actionbasedlearning
ABL Classroom Cart - Elementary - actionbasedlearning

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