Semi-Recumbent Bike


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This is the smallest commercial quality exercise bike specifically engineered to provide comfortable exercise for very young children! One of our most popular products among therapists and youth facilities of all types! This unit has been used in both medical and rehabilitation markets, as well as children's fitness facilities.

Built in heart rate system - pulse measurements are taken via handle bar sensors. Electronic Computer readouts provide motivational feedback to children - allowing them to monitor their own individual physical improvement. The low starting resistance level allows even the most de-conditioned child to be successful at this exercise.

Readout includes Speed, Time, Distance, Calories and Heart rate. 

Adjustable Resistance via a simple “turn and click” design

Onboard computer provides a children’s fitness test (measures the rate of recovery of the users heart rate after exercising.) When used over a period of time, this test teaches children the benefit of exercise and improved cardiovascular efficiency! 

Benefits: Cardiovascular Endurance and Lower Body Strength Development

Safety Features for Children include:

Free Wheeling crank system

Easy turn and twist seat height adjustment, specifically designed for youth. The unique semi – recumbent design provides proper back support, supporting proper posture for the child.

Electronic Computer monitor is positioned below the child’s sightline, eliminating the (dangerous) need for children to stand up and cycle in order to see the computer.

Two sets of handlebars allow child to remain in a comfortable pedaling position at all times. The side handlebars can be used to support their bodyweight while pedaling- Front handlebars offer stability while a child is viewing the computer display.

All resistance is created via a magnetic braking mechanism- thus greatly reducing the number of moving parts



Semi-Recumbent Bike
Semi-Recumbent Bike
Semi-Recumbent Bike
Semi-Recumbent Bike

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