Executive Strider Desk - actionbasedlearning
Executive Strider Desk - actionbasedlearning

Executive Strider Desk


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Executive Strider Desk (Deluxe XL Tabletop)

This desk incorporates movement into your daily routine, directly impacting your mind and body with powerful benefits and long term wellness improvements. 

Fits 9th- Adult  - Ideal for Teachers!


  • Burns up to 300 calories per hour
  • Great for those who require continual bursts of motion.
  • Allows participant to utilize core and lower back muscles for stability.
  • Lowers Blood Pressure.
  • Raises production of HDL "good" cholesterol.
  • Decreases cortisol "the stress hormone" that plays a role in storing belly fat.
  • Reduction in insulin levels.


  • Smooth gliding motions forward and backward.


Action Based Learning Kinesthetic Classroom Furniture

  • #1 in Quality and Durability  We stand by our reputation for building furniture "Rock Solid and Safe for Kids". ABL is the original manufacturer of the kinesthetic desk and remains the only Made in the USA brand guaranteeing the highest quality on the market. Kinesthetic desks are heavy duty, steel welded and designed to withstand even the toughest use. Built to last 10+ years with high frequency use
  • #1 in Research and Design  Kinesthetic desks are designed based on extensive research and collaboration with experts in child development, neuroscience, and education. This includes a laser focus on proper ergonomics at each grade level. If a product does not provide a real brain based solution for a child, it will not make it past design. 
  • School Partnerships ABL partners with schools to provide longterm support to set your school apart and prepare our educators for success. ABL provides training and certifications for kinesthetic classroom educators on implementation and action based learning strategies that can be applied schoolwide.
  • Full turnkey for large orders  Schools work closely with their personal ABL coordinator from start to finish. Request a free needs assessment with an educational consultant customerservice@kidsfit.com

Why buy direct from manufacturer?

  • Extended Warranty Program covers service, repairs, or replacement units
  • Pre-Assembly equipment is ready to use right out the box! Includes Safety Standard Guarantee
  • Discounts Low Cost Guarantee  direct from the manufacturer pricing
  • Trade In Program manufacturer's direct trade in programs available for product upgrades 
  • Made in the USA and built to withstand high-frequency use in commercial settings. The quality and durability of equipment far exceed market standards.
  • Training  Our ABL training team is made up of a team of experts in children's health, wellness, and education. ABL Trainers offer virtual and face to face training on site at your facility to align your staff and set your program up for success.
  • Coaching  ABL Trainers offer short and long term coaching plans to provide facilitators guidance and support in enhancing your program
  • Certifications ABL Online Academy offers a full range of certifications for facilitators to work in a hands on learning environment to become experts in the field.

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