Action Based Learning Certifications


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Action Based Learning Certifications

ABL-LF   (Action Based Learning - Lab Facilitator)

ABL  recommends that each school that utilizes an ABL lab, designates 1 ABL lab facilitator.  This should be an individual that has shown strong interest and affinity towards Action Based Learning implementation. The role of the Lab Facilitator is to provide structure to the ABL program in the areas of scheduling, set-up, room layout, student progressions, and on-going care of the labs.  As part of the ABL Lab Facilitator certification, ABL provides up to 2 full days of on-site training for your designated lab facilitators.  While this training is specifically designed for individuals assigned to running the labs, teachers and administrators are welcome to obtain certification.

ABL-ST     (Action Based Learning - School Trainer)

While the Lab Facilitator certification is specifically for labs, the ABL School Trainer certification is for bringing Action Based Learning concepts beyond the lab, and infusing ABL strategies school wide. Receiving an ABL School Trainer Certification means individual is authorized to provide leadership, training, and support for ABL throughout your school.  ABL recommends (2) individuals from each school to become ABL school trainers. Each participant will be provided an outline with all necessary trainings, materials, and coursework to obtain certification. ABL-ST are eligible to begin the process of becoming an ABL District Trainer (ABL-DT), as outlined below. 

The roadmap to becoming a ABL-ST Includes: ABL Online Academy courses (ABL-101, 12 Foundations of Learning Readiness, & Train the Trainer Course)  Workshop Attendance (ABL Professional Development Hrs), experience utilizing OR mentoring w/in the school on  "ABL in the Classroom" concepts, demonstrated use of lab manual and corresponding stations, demonstrated ability to apply the 12 Foundations of Learning Readiness in multiple settings throughout the school (lab/classrooms). 

ABL-DT     (Action Based Learning - District Trainer)

ABL Certified District Trainers work throughout their school district to teach and implement the science & benefits of Action Based Learning. ABL-DT provide support to multiple campuses throughout the district, and present ABL strategies to parents & community via local conferences and professional development days within the district. ABL-DT must demonstrate the ability to apply brain based strategies at all levels from K-12th grade. Certification at this level entitles ABL-DT to ongoing access to existing ABL content, as well as input into the development of new ABL initiatives. As an integral part of the recognized international community, ABL-DT will meet regularly to present and strategize with other district leaders on ABL best practices.  Certification includes on going access to all ABL-DT content (available on ABL Online Academy). Certified District Trainers are exclusively invited to attend annual Trainer of Trainers (TOT) event, facilitated by the ABL Master Trainer Team - TOT is offered as a pre-conference event and strictly limited to ABL-DT certified members.

The roadmap to becoming an ABL-DT includes: ABL Online Academy Courses (ABL Neuroscience & ABL District Trainer Course),  Proven experience w/ ABL Implementation, Mentoring, & Presenting within district, Workshop Attendance (Professional Development Hrs), Training & demonstrated expertise in chosen ABL Specialty Area,(ex: ABL & PE, ABL & SPED, 3L, etc) via activities & lesson plans. Data Collection & proven successful ABL Implementation at multiple grade levels.


Please submit your information the form below for complete program details. To share with your team, view ABL Certification details here

Action Based Learning Certifications - actionbasedlearning
Action Based Learning Certifications - actionbasedlearning
Action Based Learning Certifications - actionbasedlearning
Action Based Learning Certifications - actionbasedlearning