Cardio Kids Youth Fitness Elliptical - actionbasedlearning
Cardio Kids Youth Fitness Elliptical - actionbasedlearning
Cardio Kids Youth Fitness Elliptical - actionbasedlearning
Cardio Kids Youth Fitness Elliptical - actionbasedlearning
Cardio Kids Youth Fitness Elliptical - Action Based Learning

Cardio Kids Youth Fitness Elliptical


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CARDIO KIDS YOUTH ELLIPTICAL This popular youth sized elliptical trainer works the entire body and has been carefully designed to supply additional balance for fast growing bodies and motivational, easy to use electronics that include calories, heart rate, speed, time and distance. 

BENEFITS Exercise benefits the brain by changing the brain at a molecular level. Since the brain does not produce its own fuel, it relies on cardiovascular exercise to pump oxygenated blood to the brain to use as fuel. When blood travels to the body/brain at greater rates it feeds the brain the needed nutrients of oxygen and glucose. Glucose is brain fuel for the brain just as gasoline is fuel for a car! 


MOVEMENT Engage in a range of slow to fast paced, rhythmic movements with this non impact conditioning! Perform a full body movement via smooth gliding motion of both upper and lower extremities. Option to isolate lower body and position hands on built in pulse sensors. Option to reverse stride, activating different muscle groups. 

    4 SIZES Super Small  Elementary Junior Varsity
    Ages  5-7 yr 8-12 yr  12-14 yr 14-Adult
    Weight Limit  250lbs 250lbs 250lbs 250lbs
    Unit Dims 50x24x56 50x24x58 60x24x60 60x24x62
    Stride Length < 12in 12-15in 16-18in 18-20in
    Unit Weight 180lbs 185lbs 189lbs 192lbs


    What's included when buying direct from manufacturer?

    Since 1999, ABL has set the standard for commercial fitness equipment built rock solid and safe for kids. ABL manufactures the highest quality equipment on the market and remains the only commercial youth fitness equipment manufacturer in the world to develop 4 sizes, designed for 4 specific age groups. All youth fitness equipment is manufactured in the USA and shipped direct from Action Based Learning in Charleston, SC. ABL's manufacturer's guarantee includes extended warranty, low price guarantee, and all youth fitness equipment arrives pre-assembled and ready to use at your door! ABL offers partial and full turnkey options. To request a custom quote, please contact us below or email

    • Extended Warranty Program covers any service, repairs, or replacement units
    • Pre Assembly  equipment is ready to use right out the box! Includes Safety Standard Guarantee
    • Discounts Lowest Cost Guarantee. Ships direct from the manufacturer.
    • Trade In Program manufacturer's direct trade in programs available for product upgrades 
    • Made in the USA and built to withstand high-frequency use in commercial settings. The quality and durability of equipment far exceed market standards.
    • Training Our ABL training team is made up of a team of experts in children's health, wellness, and education. ABL Trainers offer virtual and face to face training on site at your facility to align your staff and set your program up for success.
    • Coaching ABL Trainers offer short and long term coaching plans to provide facilitators guidance and support in enhancing your program
    • Certifications ABL Online Academy offers a full range of certifications for facilitators to work in a hands on learning environment to become experts in the field 
    • Youth Fitness Product Line PDF
    • Operating Manual PDF