Sensory Seat Cushion (Set of 5)


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Textured cushions provide sensory enhancement, relieve tension, and increase emotional stability. ABL stability cushions are commercial grade quality material, manufactured for high frequency and long term use.

Sold in sets of 3
Color available: Blue
Size: 23"
Weight: 3 lbs
Weight Limit: 220 lbs
Texture: 2 Sided contrasting textures allow for varying sensory input needs
Place under your seat bottom to allow for fidgeting and gentle rocking - perfect for the "antsy" student!
Place between your back and the chair for postural alignment, and back relief- great for those who need to work on sitting up straight in class. Also, allows blood flow and oxygen to circulate better, for more alert learners.
Place under your feet while sitting at your desk for tactile stimulation- great for nervous test takers.
Stand on the sensory seat - great for reading a book! Allows students to engage for longer periods of time.
Place the sensory seat on the floor & allow the student to lie down on the seat between them and the carpet! It is important for a student to be comfortable in their learning environment, let them get creative with the Sensory Seat - they are preparing their brain for learning!



Sensory Seat Cushion (Set of 5)
Sensory Seat Cushion (Set of 5)