Cardio Kids Deluxe Skier


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Lead children towards an active lifestyle by duplicating real world sports movements! The Deluxe Skier takes indoor downhill skiing to a new level - with varied lateral motions, the whole body is engaged in a rigorous and fun workout. This skier takes children on an adventure to imagine themselves in the Olympic downhill ski race, all while elevating their heart rate and improving balance! The unique movement engages the quadriceps, triceps, deltoids, trapezius, external obliques, and entire range of central core muscles including the transverse abdominis, back, and pelvis.

"An excellent age appropriate unit that provides a complete cardiovascular workout!"

The child engages in lateral movements that distribute their body weight, while in motion. By engaging the upper body and the core muscles, children are able to increase trunk control, while simultaneously improving balance and coordination.  Unit allows for progressions in the ABL Lab, as experienced users to eventually ski without use of the safety handrails. Portable wheel system makes it easy to maneuver. Arrives fully assembled and includes built in computer. 

        • User Weight limit: 250 lbs
        • Adjustable floor levelers compensate for uneven floors.
        • No external power required.
        • Kid friendly computer reads calories, speed, time, and distance.
        • Adjustable Tension to accommodate all physical levels
        • Designed as a cardiovascular and core balance station
        • Sized specifically for youth fitness and available in 4 sizes
        • Portable wheel system allows for easy maneuvering


SS170 Super Small Skier K-2nd Grade [28 x 30 x 52] [Product Weight: 130 lbs] 

676 Elementary Skier 3rd-5th Grade [ 48 x 40 x 60 ] [Product Weight: 160 lbs] 

Recommended Height 42 in - 63 in

677 Junior Skier: Middle School [48 x 40 x 62] [Product Weight 162 lbs]

779 Varsity Skier:  9th - 12th / HS - Adult [48 x 40 x 65] [Product Weight 165 lbs]


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Cardio Kids Deluxe Skier - actionbasedlearning
Cardio Kids Deluxe Skier - actionbasedlearning
Cardio Kids Deluxe Skier - actionbasedlearning
Cardio Kids Deluxe Skier - actionbasedlearning